The Park of the Alpi Liguri

The National Park of the Alpi Liguri has also applied to the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage, as have done the Italian-French cross-border parks of the Maritime Alps and the Mercantour. The first two criteria, which are those of geology and biodiversity, have already been recognised and accepted by the UNESCO commission: the next step will be to demonstrate the uniqueness of the area, which is the crucial feature for the prestigious award.

In fact, the Italian-French park ranges from the 2 thousand metres of altitude of the Maritime Alps to the 2 thousand metres below the sea which washes the coast of Western Liguria, and includes species of flora and fauna in one single area that are so different one from the other as to make it unique in the world.

The National Park of the Alpi Liguri was established by the Liguria Region in 2007 and includes the municipalities of Rocchetta Nervina, Pigna, Triora, Montegrosso Pian Latte, Rezzo, Mendatica and Cosio d’Arroscia. The protected regional area also includes the Hanbury Botanical Gardens in Ventimiglia, the depths of Cape Mortola and San Gaetano, Mount Abellio, Mount Grammondo and the Bevera River. By 2016, 300 trails will be catalogued, marked and georeferenced throughout the Park of the Alpi Liguri. In addition, the whole area will be crossed by a single path which will join Rocchetta Nervina to the Arroscia Valley. Along the way one will be able to enjoy the various shelters which the organisation is preparing and bringing back to their former glory, for all the fans who wish to visit this immense treasure of the Liguria di Ponente: the Park of the Alpi Liguri.

[Donatella Lauria]


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