At Palazzo del Parco the MARM of Diano Marina: a casket with many treasures

The cultural centre of the Municipality of Diano Marina is located inside Palazzo del Parco, in Corso Garibaldi 60. Developed in different floors, here the visitor can find different cultural settings, starting with the Library named as the great Diano Marina’s poet “Angiolo Silvio Novaro”.

In the Conference Hall of the Library, there is a small art gallery containing the works of the artists who benefited from the local Exhibition and Conference Hall for their own exhibitions and this is continuously growing thanks to the donations of these authors.

We then find the new staging of the Archaeological Civic Museum of Diano Marina, inaugurated on September 5, 2004, by the International Institute of Ligurian Studies. With nine exhibition halls and one multimedia hall, here there are the evidences found in the Diano Marina area, from Capo Berta to Capo Cervo, attributable to a time-span ranging from prehistory to late Roman world.

The third sector of the Palace is dedicated to the “Andrea Rossi” Risorgimento Section, inaugurated on June 23, 2007, and re-staged on March 2011, on the occasion of the 150th Anniversary of the Unification of Italy. There are objects and memorabilia that belonged to the “Pilot of the Thousand”, Andrea Rossi from Diano Marina, and the general Nicola Ardoino, the Risorgimento combatant. There are flags, uniforms (including the famous uniform of the Garibaldini), medals, weapons, documents and even the famous “lantern” donated by Garibaldi to the daughter of Rossi and used by the “hero of the two worlds” in the descent from Aspromonte.

The cultural centre, in the Palace lobby, houses the Mineralogical Section inaugurated in 2005 and renovated in March 2011, with part of the collection of the engineer De Cavero, great expert in mineralogy. It consists of over 250 pieces. Minerals come from Ligurian places, several Italian regions and some foreign states, such as Switzerland, Brazil, Uruguay, Madagascar and South Africa.

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