Pietro Agosti, the man who changed SanRemo

Born in Bordighera in 1873, shortly after earning his degree in Civil engineering

Agosti set to work, demonstrating from his first projects his ability and talent in creating true works of architecture. His career began, in fact, with the construction of the new church of Bussana in 1897. In the following years, he focused instead on the centre of San Remo, where he built the Hotel de Paris and the Hotel Savoy, inspired by the style of the Côte d’Azur. A strict and very precise person, he liked to take care personally of all the decorative details, always true to his classic taste. His name became known among the families of the north, which called him in order to design their homes in the Riviera dei Fiori. It was thus that he signed several villa projects in Corso degli Inglesi, inspired by the Liberty and Pompier styles. Many of his works have become a source of pride for San Remo: from the hotel Mediterranee to the King, Ines, Sunnyblack and Magnolie villas, the facade of the Cinema Centrale, just to name a few. In 1910 Agosti also received a commission from the Orthodox community in San Remo to build a representative church, strongly supported by Maria Alessandrovna. In 1927 Agosti was appointed mayor of San Remo and one of his first achievements was to give a park to the town, making the City buy Villa Ormond, for which he designed the fountain in the lower gardens. During the same period, thanks to Agosti’s request, Mussolini established the Sanremo Casino as a gambling house, through a legislative decree which legalised a tolerated state that had been going on for years. This gave strong support to tourism in the Riviera di Ponente, a definition of the coast which was in fact promoted by Pietro Agosti himself.

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