The Olive tree museum

Imperia hosts the renowned oil company Fratelli Carli’s Olive Tree Museum, which houses one of  the most important Italian archaeological collections, in addition to documents, items and tools, connected to the olive tree and its gifts.


The museum has eighteen rooms which use the most modern exhibiting techniques to display the history of the olive tree and of its oil, narrating the importance it represented for all the great civilisations which flourished along the Mediterranean coast, both from the point of view of daily life and for the religious and artistic aspects.

The surrounding garden has age-old olive trees and a rich collection of jars, oil mills and presses from the Mediterranean basin. During the months of olive harvesting, from November until March, it is possible to see the Fratelli Carli oil mill at work.



You can book a lesson to approach the tasting techniques to enhance your sensorial abilities in order to recognise the different nuances of scents, flavours and taste and to evaluate the olive oil.

Youngsters can attend LaboratOlio,  where all the secrets of olive oil can be discovered: learning whilst playing. The “journey” through LaboratOlio is free and open Monday to Saturday.

Children are also offered a Treasure Hunt which allows visiting the Museum whilst having fun and gaining the scroll of “Noble Knight of the Olive Tree Museum”.


MUSEO DELL’OLIVO – Via Garessio 13 – 18100 Imperia

For info and bookings 0183 295762

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