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The Aprosiana of Ventimiglia

The treasure of the first public library of Liguria Almost 7,000 volumes ranging from 150 incunabula to books of the

Perinaldo and freemasonry

Perinaldo, the small village in the Verbone valley behind Vallecrosia, is mainly known as the birthplace of Giovanni “Gian” Domenico

The new museum of witchcraft, pride of the Argentina Valley

Opened in December 2016, it is already one of the favourite touristic destinations in Argentina Valley. We are talking about


Only 15 kilometres from the sea, in the immediate hinterland of Imperia, there is a small town where time seems

Charles Garnier’s traces: his Villa in Bordighera

Charles Garnier was one of the most important architects of the nineteenth century. It was he who designed, for example,

SiMuVe – The Ventimiglia Museum System

History passes by Ventimiglia and thanks to the “SiMuVe – Sistema Musei Ventimiglia” we can discover the presence in passage

The Imperia Naval Museum

A journey of fascinating and legendary discoveries of a thousand secrets of the sea and navigation Ropes, hulls, surface-supplied divers,

At Palazzo del Parco the MARM of Diano Marina: a casket with many treasures

The cultural centre of the Municipality of Diano Marina is located inside Palazzo del Parco, in Corso Garibaldi 60. Developed