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The classification of olive oil: when we buy…

There are virgin olive oils in retail trade, i.e. for you consumers who are reading. The law says that this

The olive cultivation in Liguria: on our tables since the dawn of time

Two thousand years of history. This is the starting point to understand olive cultivation in Liguria. Not just an agricultural

The Triora Bread

“No bread chimes with tomato like that of Triora. They are made for each other. Since the origin of the

The Muscat of Taggia

If you succeed you are determined, if you fail you are simply stubborn. The tenacious protagonist of this story is

Garlic from Vessalico

Garlic from Vessalico has become famous in recent years after the American CNN network ironically commented on its great use

Historic establishments: Balzola, Piccardo and Royal Hotel

Among the 240 Italian historic establishments, three are in western Liguria: the cafe-patisserie “Balzola” in Alassio, the “Piccardo” patisserie in

The vines of Liguria

The vines of Liguria have always been mysterious and originating from the entire Mediterranean, thanks to the maritime activities of

The Rossese

La Liguria è terra di mare e di vini bianchi, ma nasconde un vitigno rosso dal grande potenziale: il Rossese.