Sea & Land

The Autostrada dei Fiori, light, shade and breath-taking landscapes

“Shade and sun alternate/ through those deep valleys/which hide from the sea, across/paved roads/which go upwards, through fields of roses,


Getting to Realdo is like being suddenly catapulted in the middle of a fairy tale. Perched on a cliff, the

The Spiaggia d’Oro (The Golden Beach) of Imperia

At the beginning of seaside tourism in Riviera, when liberty was the fashion, Porto Maurizio discovered holidays. One name which

The pipes of Valle Argentina

Perhaps not everyone knows that a pipe, in particular the briar-root pipe, originates from the heather wood, typical plant of

The Salt Road

The Salt Road is an ancient route that, since ancient times, connected the Cuneo mountains (from the old Limone-Monesi military


A door that divides the present from the past. Few steps that separate the chaotic world of our times from

The natural magic of the Cetacean Sanctuary

Look towards the sea whilst on the Aurelia and detect it, in the middle of the blue: the “spray” of

Villa Ormond

The International Institute of Humanitarian Law and its auxiliary Foundation have recently decided to implement the project of turning Villa