Sea & Land

Sanctuary of Laghet – France

The first time the presence of the Virgin Mary was felt through miraculous healings dates to 1652. Then, where today

Discovering the monuments of the Imperatrice walk in Sanremo

The promenade called Imperatrice (Empress), on the seafront of Sanremo, is the calling card of the City of Flowers. The

Floriseum, the Flower Museum of Sanremo

Collections, exhibitions and an enchanted garden to narrate the floriculture world In April 2016, to remember the connection between Sanremo

Porta Canarda

The Western access to the medieval Ventimiglia In Ventimiglia history has layered leaving traces of its passage: the Middle Ages

Madonna della Costa, protector of the people in Sanremo

One of the most loved places by the people of Sanremo is the Sanctuary of Nostra Signora della Costa, known

Villa Ormond and its prestigious park

In 1875, the Swiss entrepreneur Michel Louis Ormond bought Villa Rambaldi located in a very large estate in the eastern

Citrus gardens in Sanremo

There is a Sanremo made of citrus gardens, autochthon species and international trades, the perfume of cedar, the yellow of

The magic of Bussana Vecchia: from an earthquake to a spontaneous rebirth

February 23, 1887, 6.30 am. Time and life stops in the Western Liguria, and it’s immediately engraved in people’s memory.