Sea & Land


A door that divides the present from the past. Few steps that separate the chaotic world of our times from

The natural magic of the Cetacean Sanctuary

Look towards the sea whilst on the Aurelia and detect it, in the middle of the blue: the “spray” of

Villa Ormond

The International Institute of Humanitarian Law and its auxiliary Foundation have recently decided to implement the project of turning Villa

Liguria freeride: Cervo, Antenne, Salto nel blu.

The Route of the Antennas at Cervo, with a succession of jumps, the steep one is known as the wave,

Pineta del Capo and Marabutto

Pineta del Capo in Bordighera Alta is a fascinating green lung located behind Palazzo Garnier, the seat of the Bordighera

The Imperia Naval Museum

A journey of fascinating and legendary discoveries of a thousand secrets of the sea and navigation Ropes, hulls, surface-supplied divers,

The seabed of Capo Mortola

Thanks to its favourable geographic position, Liguria, and especially the extreme west, preserves in its small territory highly differentiated natural

Monet, Bordighera and the Beodo

“Everything is wonderful, the countryside is more beautiful every day and I am bewitched by the town”. This is how