What to do

The TENCO celebrates the 40th anniversary of the songwriter’s Award

From a qualitative point of view, the Club Tenco songwriter’s award festival is definitely the most important event in the

The Pallanca exotic garden, an Eden in Bordighera

Standing on an evocative rocky cliff overlooking the sea and warmed by the sun, the Pallanca Exotic Garden, a casket

Cervo Festival

Cervo is one of those towns where culture is breathed in. The beauty of its small streets, the peace, the

Run for the whales

Run for the whales; we run for the whales of the PELAGOS sanctuary. A sports event in order to protect


VILLA ORMOND The park of Villa Ormond, on the east side of Sanremo, is one of the city’s precious green

Dispensa Italiana (Italian Pantry)

A “pantry” is the place for storing food. But not just that alone, at least not in Italy, where it

Flower Parade “Sanremo in fiore”

A welcome to spring amongst the scents and colours of the flowers which have made the Riviera so famous and

Sir Thomas HANBURY’s gardens, a paradise of fragrances and colours

The signs of the presence and actions of Sir Thomas Hanbury are noticeable everywhere in Ventimiglia. A complex personality, uncommon