Lavanda Riviera dei Fiori

“Lavanda Riviera dei Fiori” is a new proposal by ENDAS Imperia in order to allow a Territory, with its beauty and its potential, to grow through a network of operators from different sectors (agriculture, commercial, hotels and even cultural). Thanks to the work of the hybridiser Franco Stalla from Albenga, who is in charge of the varietal sector, the project proposes a new variety of Lavender Officinalis, selected from among those belonging to the Territory, which has all the necessary requirements: stronger, so as to ensure as long a life as possible; a good production of essential oils; suitable for sale in bunches, but particularly suitable for use in the food and catering industry. In fact, the project offers Tagliatelle alla Lavanda, Tagliolini alla Lavanda, Chifferi alla Lavanda, Rundi alla Lavanda, Castagnaccio alla Lavanda, Lavender tarts, “The Note” – Chocolate with Lavender. The recipes and the stores selling the products may be found at the Email address “”. The project also organises thematic events, visits to the lavender territory and tasting tours in order to discover the secrets of lavender in Italian cuisine. Lavender has been used for centuries, even a few ancient Egyptian papyri refer to it, and currently it is considered the most versatile essence; it is however necessary to distinguish the essential oil of Lavandula angustifolia from that of its hybrid.

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