The Cloister of Sant’Agostino, Ventimiglia

The cloister is part of the convent with the same name erected in the heart of the border city: a jewel which in 1600 the Blessed monk Angelico Aprosio converted into a reference point for cultural and religious studies.

The council and Parish of Ventimiglia recently joined forces and funds to give a final push to the renovation which had begun halfway through the last century. The objective of the latest interventions, also implemented thanks to European funding, was to reorganise the entire structure and to return the ancient physiognomy to the cloister: where once there was the prison now there is once again the Aprosiana Library, with its Modern book Heritage, while the Ancient Heritage has remained in Ventimiglia Alta. More than 1500 cubic metres have been demolished and only 900 rebuilt, thereby lightening the architectural weight of the central space to make space for a lawn, a green area which is very useful for the community. The parish activities which took place inside the dismantled space have been transferred to a new north wing of the complex. A wall of timber, a new façade opening onto via Cavour and the porch lighting system are the other novelties which, in addition to restoring an in-common architectural and geometrical order, give the whole design a contemporary image.

[Ilaria Grigoletto]

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