Villa Ormond

The International Institute of Humanitarian Law and its auxiliary Foundation have recently decided to implement the project of turning Villa Ormond, one of Sanremo’s architectural jewels, into a cultural and tourist attraction of international significance, in order to promote the protection, preservation and promotion of what will become the venue for congresses, conferences, round tables, workshops, exhibitions, cultural events and recreational and educational activities. The Villa’s uniqueness and prestige will also allow hosting corporate and private events.
A first project was launched by the Foundation: “Villa Ormond Events”. This is a new “container” that promotes Villa Ormond as an exclusive venue for organising various types of events, such as weddings, receptions, galas, exhibitions and cultural events. Additional information, including a striking photo gallery, can be found at the website.
The Institute’s original vocation is to train and disseminate humanitarian law, refugee law and all related disciplines.

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