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The Western access to the medieval Ventimiglia In Ventimiglia history has layered leaving traces of its passage: the Middle Ages are told by the cathedral of the Assunta, the baptistry, the alleys network. And also by the city walls that

It is one of the most important prehistoric sites in Europe and it was reopened to the public after being revisited last March, to narrate its ancient history more effectively. It is the Balzi Rossi Museum in Ventimiglia, a place

The treasure of the first public library of Liguria Almost 7,000 volumes ranging from 150 incunabula to books of the Sixth and Seventh centuries: this is the precious heritage of the Aprosiana Civic Library of Ventimiglia, a treasure preserved over

“Shade and sun alternate/ through those deep valleys/which hide from the sea, across/paved roads/which go upwards, through fields of roses, wells and broken lands” Thus the poet Vincenzo Caldarelli described Liguria a century ago: today the picture of the Ponente

The Salt Road is an ancient route that, since ancient times, connected the Cuneo mountains (from the old Limone-Monesi military road) to the sea, both on the eastern side from Ventimiglia to Sanremo, and on the west to the Côte

History passes by Ventimiglia and thanks to the “SiMuVe – Sistema Musei Ventimiglia” we can discover the presence in passage of the Palaeolithic man, the ancient Romans, and the British of the Victorian Age. The Balzi Rossi Prehistoric Museum, a

Thanks to its favourable geographic position, Liguria, and especially the extreme west, preserves in its small territory highly differentiated natural environments, so as to include all three biogeographical areas in Italy: alpine, continental and Mediterranean. One of the 125 Ligurian

He is only 28 years old but he has an incredible talent. Lorenzo Semeraro, a period costume fashion designer, has already made a name for himself in the world of period costumes. His passion for classical models has drawn inspiration