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The research conducted by the International Institute for Liguria Studies in the area of the northern walls of the Roman town which originally belonged to the Augustan IX Regio Liguria, continues the tradition begun by the great Liguria archaeologist Nino

The cloister is part of the convent with the same name erected in the heart of the border city: a jewel which in 1600 the Blessed monk Angelico Aprosio converted into a reference point for cultural and religious studies. The

The first Italian Casino was born in the elegant Villa Sultana, along Corso Regina Margherita in Ospedaletti. It was built in 1884 as a recreational club, where the guests, which included the aristocracy from all Europe, could meet in order

The “Clarence Bicknell Museum-Library bears the name of its founder who had it built between 1886 and 1888 in Bordighera based upon the designs of the English architect Clarence Tait and Giovenale Gastaldi of San Remo. When he reached the

The vines of Liguria have always been mysterious and originating from the entire Mediterranean, thanks to the maritime activities of the Liguria people and traveling with travellers, often finding an ideal habitat in the Liguria hills. The historian Giorgio Gallesio,

The emotional geography of a shoreline In the Middle Ages the name Riviera included the coastline of Liguria: Genoa at the centre and at its sides the West and East coasts. The earliest mention of the term “Riviera” dates back

La Liguria è terra di mare e di vini bianchi, ma nasconde un vitigno rosso dal grande potenziale: il Rossese. In questa terra incastonata tra monti e mare, a qualche km dalla zona costiera esistono vigneti di incredibile bellezza, spesso

From military stronghold to important location for the city. This small stronghold was originally part of the system of fortifications built by the Savoy government to strengthen its western border, after Ventimiglia was chosen as “a military location” in 1814.