Golf Club Gli Ulivi of Sanremo

A fascinating story the one of the Golf Club Gli Ulivi, which began eighty years ago (the official opening was on 20th February 1932) and which was made almost mythical by the events and the protagonists which it has welcomed since its fortunate creation. Kings and queens, actors and princesses, great ladies and journalists, as well as business men and personalities of both the Italian and foreign jet set.

The birth of the Golf Club degli Ulivi was a brilliant intuition which projected Sanremo (then as today) to the centre of the golf and tourist world, attracting  thousands of players and fans in just a few months and for the following decades. Champions of the calibre of Ballesteros and Lager but also famous journalists and writers, actresses such as Sophia Loren and Emma Grammatica have trodden those same greens on which  before them true stars of the 30’s such as the famous sweethearts Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford  were immortalized.

Sanremo’s  golf course is apparently simple, but it is very demanding from a technical and competitive point of view,  especially in the approach to a few of its holes and is undoubtedly entertaining even for the toughest golfers. It is certainly an experience worth trying. The Golf Club Gli Ulivi can be reached from Sanremo by passing  the Sanctuary of Madonna della Costa and climbing the hinterland towards San Romolo, via Senatore Ernesto Marsaglia. The structure, besides a top quality restaurant from whose terrace one may taste the delicacies of the Ligurian cuisine whilst overlooking a breathtaking view,  also  boasts a pool of top notch instructors.

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