Liguria freeride: Cervo, Antenne, Salto nel blu.

The Route of the Antennas at Cervo, with a succession of jumps, the steep one is known as the wave, is surely the best known of the Golfo Dianese Bike Park. The famous “salto nel blu” (jump into the blue) is a launching trampoline famous in all Europe: a compact ramp of earth and rock that, for a fraction of a second, a lifetime, makes the cyclers make a flip into the air quite high up to not see anything but the blue of the sea, as if there is no path below. Those who tried it have commented: the beauty is breath-taking.

A single track mainly driven with some wooden and ground parabolic structures about four kilometres long, the Antennas route can be tackled in at least four variants.

The jump into the blue, born out of the commitment of a group of freeride pioneers in the Gulf of Diano, is undoubtedly the most scenic descent of the area: overlooking the sea, facing the Gulf of Diano Marina and Andora (reaching Gallinara island) and Finale Ligure, it could be the emblem of Liguria as it develops in a perfect, unattainable, almost antigravitational vertical line.

Here the concept of left and right does not exist, there is only above and below. Cervo seems almost unreal, painted on the side of the hill, while the paths rise slowly all around, showing the distant deep blue of the sea behind every curve and hairpin bend.

[Viviana Spada]

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