The Moac, much more than just a simple crafts fair, whose appeal attracts tens of thousands of visitors from the province every year, in addition to tourists and visitors from beyond the borders of the province, will return to its original location in the Palafiori of Corso Garibaldi, in the centre of Sanremo. After around fifteen years spent in the Flower Market of Valle Armea, the 2017 edition returns to where it was born in the summer of 1967. The opening will take place on 19th August in the presence of the authorities and the event will last nine days until 27th August. The Palafiori is undoubtedly a central location which will allow everyone a visit in order to admire craftsmanship from all over the world. In addition, as usual, there will be shows, meetings and demonstrations by craftsmen. A necessity also in view of the smaller space available in the Palafiori compared with the Market in Valle Armea. These craftsmen will demonstrate their knowledge and traditions together with those small secrets which ensure Italian products are recognised and sought-after excellences throughout the world.

Among the hundred stands occupying the entire Palafiori, there will also be those dedicated to the Province of Imperia and to the Liguria Region, in addition to food and wine stands which will delight visitors’ palates, and those of the craftsmen’s associations: the CNA and the Confartigianato.

A people’s event among the people. An event which represents a fixed item of the hot summers in Sanremo.


[Simona Maccaferri]


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