The Salt Road

The Salt Road is an ancient route that, since ancient times, connected the Cuneo mountains (from the old Limone-Monesi military road) to the sea, both on the eastern side from Ventimiglia to Sanremo, and on the west to the Côte d’Azur. Thanks to this road, the salt from the Ligurian sea (which served for the preservation of meat, fish and olives), was exchanged with the Piedmonts’ agricultural products.

Restored few years ago, the ancient Salt Road is now a recreational and competitive route to take with jeep, motocross, quad, mountain bike, walking or on horseback.

Along the way you will encounter the Fort Central military fortress of the late 19th century. From this point, following several ups and downs along the Italian ridge, the landscape changes radically in the French territory: in fact, the luxurious vegetation disappears giving way to the karstic rocks tracts that characterize the Marguareis Group. Going ahead, and going back to the Italian territory, the context changes again in the Bosco del Parco delle Navette.

Along these paths, last year the first edition of the Great Crossing from Limone to Sanremo took place. And the program of the second edition, from September 1 to September 3, is currently under development. For the mountain bike lovers, do not miss this event: on September 2, 9 hours of horse-riding along 95km of gravel road with food and wine stops in resorts and typical Ligurian villages.

For the athletes, there is the Salt Road Extreme Race, but you can also join it as cycling tourists, by e-bikes or tandems. The event will finish on September 3 in Sanremo, with a great party and a Urban Down Hill contest along the narrow alleys of the Old Sanremo.

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